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Designed to limit contamination, cleanrooms are areas under a controlled environment, where all pollutants are filtered and removed to ensure the cleanest possible state. However, improper cleaning techniques and protocols can increase the risk of contamination, threatening the integrity of your cleanroom.

You can trust Elevare cleanroom technology services to ensure the highest standards are maintained at your facility. We already provide specialist cleanroom cleaning services to businesses across Ireland and the UK.  Our clients operate in a range of industries, including Pharmaceutical, Medical, Healthcare and Manufacturing. 

We are proud members of the Irish Contract Cleaning Association, ensuring the highest standards in commercial cleaning services.

As part of our service to achieve the highest state of cleanliness:

  • We follow cleaning protocols on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis, subject to your needs.
  • Our staff are trained to follow defined, standardised cleaning techniques and protocols to reduce contamination by filtering and removing all pollutants from the environment.
  • We equip our team with specialised products and equipment, specifically designed for cleanroom use – including non-shedding material and deionized water. 

The importance of cleanroom protocol cannot be understated, the higher the level of cleanliness, the less risk of contamination. Elevare employ specially trained staff that understand the required cleaning process, cleaning techniques and protocol, are less likely to cause a contamination.

Our onsite staff are carefully selected and trained to be our asset and your integrated support team.A crucial element of our services is the emphasis on management support and on-site supervision, coupled with the most up to date technology.

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Cleanroom technology services Ireland

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“Compliance with PSA 28:2014 is paramount – Elevare has been awarded The Qualsec Gold quality assurance certification from the Irish Security Industry Associations”.


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