Customer Relation Services

5-star customer service for your business

As your service provider, we as a management team are personally committed to creating a professional, 5-star customer experience.  We work to ensure the safety, security and well-being of your customers, visitors, employees and of course your built environment facilities.

Investing in and developing our people is at the core of what makes us stand out. We’re proud of the learning and development programmes we have, some of which are the best in our industry. 

Partnering for success

We must first fully understand your corporate culture and what you require in a customer service delivery partner. The recruitment, retention and development of appropriately qualified and suitable staff is of critical importance. Equally important is that we as a management team strive for continuous improvement and innovation using the most efficient technical supports

Our Quest Training Programme ensures that every member of the team delivers a service in harmony with our clients values so we can achieve a shared vision; designed to enable and inspire our teams. Our Quest training Programme has clearly defined expectations of the behaviours and competencies of every individual, whatever their role.

Some of our current Customer Relations roles include but are not restricted to the following;

  • Customer reception and orientation.
  • Customer liaison and facility viewing.
  • Manning of all access and egress points.
  • Informative and collaborative data gathering.
  • Investigation of Security related risks and the preparation of associated Management informative reports.
  • Administration and support management.
  • Monitoring of internal space utilisation.
  • Inspection and control of external parking and traffic management controls.
  • Liaison with and management of contractors and service providers.
  • Documentation and customer access control.
  • Use of technical monitoring equipment.
  • General concierge and mailroom services.
  • Operation and control of access mechanisms.

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Putting people first is the key to our success. We have an unrivalled reputation for building lasting partnerships with clients through open, transparent relationships based on trust and exceptional performance.


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