Diversity & Inclusion at Elevare

At Elevare we have always fostered an environment in which diversity and inclusion are valued as essential components of our operations.

For example, in 2010, we examined the ethnicity of our staff members as well as the male/female ratios that influenced our retention rate. Our executive team strategically implemented initiatives that propelled Elevare to the forefront of diversity in the last twelve years.

Workplace diversity needs to begin at the highest levels of the company and propagates outward from the center to our staff members on the ground. Our executive team understands this, which is why we value diversity at Elevare. For many years, we have been engaged with WEConnect, an organization that brings together women-owned businesses to promote international collaboration. In 2020 we were delighted to become a certified women’s business enterprise through WEConnect.

At Elevare we aim to:

• Manage diversity and developing a culture of inclusion is a continuous process of improvement.

• Provide Diversity Training for all Employees

• Design guidelines and provide training for line managers.

• Training and documents to support Policies i.e. Communications and Team Interactions

• Develop an open culture with good communication lines.

• Provide Awareness-raising training

• Regularly audit, review, and evaluate progress

Implementation of Policies & Procedures

In 2018 we implemented our Equal opportunities policy that ensures all employees and applicants can apply for roles and promotions without being discriminated against on the grounds of gender, marital status, family status, sexual orientation, religion, age, disability, race, or membership of the Traveller community. Ensure that all applicants for employment at Elevare are treated fairly on the basis of their merits, abilities, qualifications, and suitability for appointment and that appointment procedures do not discriminate on the basis of criteria that cannot be justified by the demands of the post.

  • Provide training to all employees, given access to appropriate work experience, promoted, and treated on the basis of their relevant, qualifications, abilities, and experience.
  • Establish appropriate policies where staff or job applicants who feel that they have been unfairly treated can have their complaints reviewed on the basis of discrimination.
  • Maintain and develop programs to accommodate disadvantaged staff or staff with disabilities, adjusting the work environment and procedures where necessary.
  • Consult with Elevare management where appropriate and practicable, on issues relating to equal opportunities and to encourage the involvement of the management team in the promotion of equal opportunities
  • Ensure that this policy is made known to all Elevare employees.