Four Top Tips To Protect Your Business

Again in 2021 it is important to ensure that all business premises are secure. We often see a spike in premises being burgled over the winter months. However, there are ways to ensure that this won’t be the case for your business. 

At Elevare, we have extensive experience in ensuring businesses are adequately protected.  

Read our Four Top Tips To Protect Your Business premises from break-ins:

Check Entry Points

This may seem like an obvious point to make, but it is necessary.

  • How many entry points are there to the business?
  • Are there any windows that can be easily accessed?
  • Are there any faulty locks on doors?
  • Make sure that you consider each possible entry point into the building and that there is adequate security put in place, particularly for potentially quieter holiday periods or whilst more people work remotely.  

For example, conduct daily checks to make sure all windows and doors are locked before leaving the building. If there are any faulty locks make sure they are replaced immediately. By eliminating these possible ways of entry you will decrease the possibility of a break in. 

Make Security Measures Obvious

One of the greatest deterrents to burglars is the visual presence of security measures. In the first instance ensure that you have secure gates, fencing and lighting make a premises a less likely target. If you don’t currently have these, make it a priority to get them installed. Visible alarm systems and CCTV can also aid prevent intruders. 

These measures will not only put people off trying to break in, but it will also help in identifying anyone that attempts to break in. 

Be Aware of Visitors

Although it is important to ensure that external breaches of security are covered, it is also important to manage internal security. Having knowledge of who is entering your business can help in identifying any strange activity.

 By providing access cards to staff you can monitor who enters the business and at what time. By introducing a requirement that all visitors to the premises must sign in to gain access you have the ability to monitor any unusual activity.

Lock up Valuable Assets

Even with preventative measures in place, you may want to take extra precautions when it comes to protecting valuable assets. Moving items that can be viewed in windows to another location within the building will deter intruders as they will not see anything they can take of value.

Another measure you can take is locking items such as laptops, phones and tablets in a specific room to prevent intruders from accessing them and their valuable information if they gain entry.

Another measure you can take is to notify your security provider of the time period in which your premises will be vacant. This will allow for any unusual activity to be identified promptly.

We hope you found these Four Top Tips To Protect Your Business. At Elevare, we provide dedicated security services, including an Emergency Response Service for clients over the holiday season, from smaller businesses to multinational organisations in Dublin, Cork and London.

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