Elevare Marks Workplace Wellbeing Day

Elevare Marks Workplace Wellbeing Day

30 April 2021 #WorkWell21

Workplace Wellbeing Day, 30 April, gives us as businesses the chance to recognise and reflect on the activities put in place for employees throughout the year and how we can build on this to further improve the wellbeing of our teams. 

According to Ibec, the organisers of National Workplace Wellbeing Day in Ireland,  never has embedding a sustainable approach to wellbeing been so important to organisations as they support their staff through the pandemic and back into the workplace. 

At Elevare, we are aware of the physical and mental wellbeing challenges that can affect staff, and the risk of these being further amplified during the pandemic. This is why we continue to invest in dedicated support platforms such as LifeSpeak. 

Our dedicated employee LifeSpeak programme

Elevare’s LifeSpeak programme is an online platform that is available to all our staff and to their family members. It focuses on sharing relevant mental health and wellbeing guidance, from expert blog series and Q&As to tip sheets and micro-learning videos.  To encourage usage all employee access is completely confidential.  

Mental health and employers: Refreshing the case for investment” from Deloitte, shows the high return to employers that invest in mental health solutions with an average return of £5 for every £1 spent. 

Also using technology to increase the likelihood of uptake by limiting the associated stigma, was identified as a critical element of the most effective programs. 

Topics vary from managing anxiety to relationships to eating for optimal health to building team engagement and motivation. At the moment, the advice focuses around helping people to navigate staying well during the  the Covid-19 pandemic.  

Some of the recent topics covered in recent Ask the Expert Q&As include:

  • Tired of Being Tired? How to Improve Your Sleep with Dr. Marty Martin
  • Developing and Maintaining Your Fitness Routine with Tom Toth
  • Let’s Talk about Racism: Your Questions Answered with Daphne Magna

Upcoming in May  

  • Supporting Yourself and Others Through Anxiety and Depression with Dara Roth Edney 

At Elevare, we are passionate about the benefits of building a workplace where everyone feels they belong, learn and thrive.  Read more about our dedicated Quest training programme.