Top Tips for Securing Your Business Premises at This Challenging Time

An essential factor when running a business is to make sure that it is secure. Burglary and vandalism are ongoing security concerns for retail and commercial premises, not least now as many premises are working with little or no staff working on site due to the current Covid-19 outbreak.

Here are our Tips for Securing Your Business Premises.

Well-protected premises with good security procedures will deter the criminal from attempting to enter or damaging the premises.

1. Be Aware of All Visitors Including Staff

Ensure you have visitor passes to keep track of everyone who comes in and out of the premises, a sign in and out system be it manual or electronic for staff can ensure you know who is present at all times.

2. Make Sure All Entry Points are Secure

Are there a variety of entry points to the property? Consider all routes of entry and ensure there is the necessary security at each, for example secure locks and checks to make sure they are checked daily and locked when the building is empty. Some additional perimeter security can also deter any potential intruders from the outset, for example, fencing and security lighting are two strong first steps.

3. Install Alarms Systems and CCTV

CCTV is a basic step to protect your business. Further highlighting the presence of alarms and cameras via clear signage and positioning can prevent any attempts from intruders in the first place. Not only will it put people off attempting to break-in, but if they do, it can aid in identifying them.

4. Timeliness of a Response

In case of any intrusion, is also critical to the successful management of a security incident for businesses. However, it can be a dangerous and inconvenient duty for the property owners or a team member to have to respond.

If you found or Top Tips for Securing Your Business Premises useful and would like more advice or support in securing your property, we can help.

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