Team Spotlight: Anita O’Donovan

Putting people first is the key to our success. This series introduces you to some of our team and their roles.

This week we spoke to Anita O’Donovan, Chief Financial Officer and Director of Admin Services about her career, advice for others and life at Elevare. 

What’s the one piece of advice you’d give to those starting out in their career? 

Learn as much as you can from others, don’t be afraid to ask questions. Be confident and never shy away from a challenge. Take the opportunities and never have regrets. Always be professional and stay laser focussed on what matters to the business you’re working in.

Anita joined Elevare back in 2011 and is our in-house Finance and corporate compliance lead. With an Arts degree from UCC as well as Business Studies and HR diploma Anita began her career working in Standard Life Investments in Edinburgh for  over 10 years.  Her core responsibilities include budget planning and financial reporting as well as recruitment and ongoing engagement and progress reviews with new team members. 

How has Covid-19 impacted your day-to-day role? 

Face to face meetings have all but ceased which has made that personal touch harder to achieve. However the use of Video Conferencing has made the delivery of training programmes more efficient and easier to arrange, so there are pros and cons as a business. Our focus is always on delivering the highest level of service to our clients so although the method has shifted our approach remains focussed on quality. 

What are some key trends you are seeing in your area of expertise? 

Finance in business is increasingly driven by new advances in technology as well as outsourcing of more automated tasks. We have seen and embraced new software that greatly reduces the amount of time that was traditionally taking up most of our people’s working day.

Since we have adopted these new systems, it has allowed our administrative teams to spend more time on other vital topics such as Employee Wellness and skills development programs which makes us a better employer and adheres to our companies core values.

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