How Elevare Management Became the Leading Facility Management Company in Ireland

“Our people are our product and when we look after our team members they will look after the client who will in turn look after us, and that’s the way we have always operated”.

Elevare CEO Ger O’Donovan expressed his thoughts with Dublin Fm last week discussing the current market and the role in which the company plays within it.  

Our values reflect the kind of company we strive to be—open, honest, and caring. We strive to create simple yet effective products that enrich our customer’s lives, while enabling them to live better. We believe in celebrating the spirit of diversity and creativity, so we work hard to make our approach to facility management as unique and distinct as possible. These values were expressed by Ger during his interview on Dublin Fm’s weekly Dublin Chamber of Commerce segment that highlights up and coming businesses.  
Elevare is a leading facility management provider, delivering cost-effective and consistent services across a range of industries. We offer a full suite of specialist services and have the capacity to respond quickly to changing business needs. Our scale and diversity allows us to offer a service that is unparalleled in Ireland or the UK.

“Our clients know the commitment we have to the business, it’s all about listening and it’s all about understanding the client”

Listen here for the full interview: